Posted by: rocknrev | October 21, 2009

Why Didn’t They Teach Men How to Pee in School?

I guess there were a lot of things they didn’t teach us guys in school. How to balance a checkbook, how to wash clothes or how to pee in a urinal! Many of us have seen one of those signs in a restroom that says, “We Aim to Please…You Aim Too Please! There’s another one I haven’t seen as often that says, “Stand a Little Closer Guys…it’s Shorter than you Think!” (ouch!)

If there’s a puddle on the restroom floor below the urinal when you’re done taking a wiz, should that tell you something? I know they have driver’s ed classes for those who can’t drive safely but what do you do to get man to put their urine INSIDE the urinal and not on the floor? Should we install cameras like they do at traffic lights and send a ticket to the offenders? Let’s see, how do we get their address anyway?

Well…think about the next person who has to take a leak after you and consider the janitor who has to come and clean up your mess. Is it really that hard to pee in the urinal bowl? If it is…maybe it’s time to sit down and do it like the ladies or not. I hear some gals are now using the “Go Girl”, a female urinating device that allows them to pee standing up.

Maybe we do need a class on how to urinate in our schools and maybe it should be co-ed.

Posted by: rocknrev | October 21, 2009

Does Disenfecting “Touch-Points” Really Help?

It’s the time of year when many of the customers I speak to ask if we are disinfecting “touch-points” when we clean their office at night.   Touch-points are things like door knobs, door handles,  faucets, appliance handles, etc.  My answer is, WE DO!  But, do our efforts really make a difference?  Consider this scenario.   We come to your office at night and disinfect surfaces around 9PM.  Around 8AM the following morning a sick employee who has come to work uses the restroom and uses the restroom door handle as they enter and leave the restroom.  The door handle is now contaminated with germs or bacteria left behind.  A few minutes later an employee who is well touches the same door handle in order for them to use the restroom.

Well, it’s probably pretty obvious that any amount of disinfecting the previous night probably only protects the first person to use the disinfected surface the next day.  For this reason, trying to eliminate the spread of disease in a TEAM effort where all parties are washing their hands regularly immediately after using the restroom and open the restroom door when done with a clean paper towel.  Some folks choose to use their hand to open the door followed by an application of hand sanitizer to kill any germs they might have picked up.

The need for continuous hand washing and killing germs with things like hand sanitizer is about the best we all can do to stop the spread of disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses.

Besides washing hands and using hand sanitizer.  It’s a good policy to consider your face a NO TOUCH ZONE.  After all, germs primarily enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth, so keeping your hands away from your face is a good technique to help yourself stay well.

Good luck in your own endeavor to stay well when there are so many sick people all around us.   Preventing disease like the H1N1 virus is a group effort.  We are all in this together!


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