Posted by: rocknrev | December 17, 2009


The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s temperate weather and folks who live here often remark that we experience all four seasons fully.   Oregon, where I reside is known for it’s rain.  But make no mistake about it–we have summer days where the temperature is over 100 degrees regularly and droughts are not uncommon.  Last weeks cold snap took many Oregonians off guard with temps dipping down to 9 degrees at night and not getting above 25 degrees for three days.  People who live in the northeast might not give those temps a second thought–they are prepared for that kind of weather.  In Oregon, this type of weather catches many people off guard and when the pipes all over town start bursting, my phone starts ringing off the hook!  Why?  Because the company that employees me has several trucks that can come and suck up water.   They are normally used to clean carpets in commercial buildings and residences, but the same equipment that allows us to clean carpets can be used to help re-mediate a flood when a water pipe bursts due to freezing.  It was a crazy stressful time with ALL HANDS ON DECK to try and take care of as many customers as possible.

This isn’t the first time a cold snap has caught us off-guard.  Seems like we get one or two of these most years.  But with that temperate climate we enjoy most of the year comes a bit of complacency so when one of them does hit, you can hear a lot of folks singin’ the blues.

Things are pretty much back to normal now.  As soon as the cold snap left our region, the rains came back and now we’re in our comfort zone.  Gutters and storm drains are full of water band all the plumbers in town will be busy for another week or two buttoning up all those “connections” that failed when mother nature sent us her chilling surprise.  A few people will be better prepared for the next cold wave but most of us will settle in and sing the blues when the next one hits our area.

Is there a point to my rant?  Maybe…maybe not.  I just wanted to let everyone know we sing the blues our here in the wild west every so often, but we wouldn’t trade places with people in other parts of the country for anything.  There’s a reason why we are a green state and a reason why we have lots of ducks.   We’ve got the feathered type and then there’s those Oregon Ducks…you know…the ones headed for the Rose Bowl on January 1st, 1010.   That’s a day when a different group of people might be found “singin’ the blues!  Oh yeah, “GO DUCKS!”


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