Posted by: rocknrev | October 30, 2009

Ever Wonder How Often Your Doctor’s Office is Cleaned and Who Cleans It?

No names will be mentioned.  Just take it from me, “some” medical practices have trimmed janitorial services during this economic recession and they are not always being thoroughly cleaned each night.  I don’t know about you, but the idea of being examined and/or treated in a medical office that wasn’t cleaned last night kind of bothers me.  I’m pretty sure the staff in many of these “cut-back” offices are supplementing the lack of cleaning with their own disinfecting efforts.  But unless the staff is putting in several hours of cleaning after they have put in a full day of medical work, it seems doubtful there would be enough done to truly have all used surfaces cleaned and disinfected.   This has been one of the big surprises to me during this economic slowdown.   I wonder if the medical office you might visit has made cuts to their cleaning service?  With all the worries regarding the N1H1 virus circulating around the country, this recent trend in reducing nightly cleaning concerns me.  It might concern you too.

And while I’m at it, there’s a couple more things about how many medical facilities are cleaned I’d like to mention.   You may not have thought about this either, but what about that cleaning person who comes in at night and makes everything clean and safe–do “they” have health insurance coverage?  Chances are good they do not.  Ironic, eh?  The very people who clean medical offices and large facilities often have no access to the very practices they clean. I find that very ironic and I find it quite sad.

Another trend I see all the time is decision-makers selecting the lowest bid they can get.  Makes sense, no need to pay more for having your office cleaned than necessary, right?   Well, the janitorial business is quite competitive.   There just isn’t much wiggle room if a cleaning service with a real office, vehicles, equipment and payroll expenses is trying to secure a cleaning contract.  So the best way to keep your operation lean besides being efficient is to offer low wages to employees and offer few if any benefits.  Many of the people seeking these jobs are desperate.  They are often difficult to employ for a variety of reasons.  Lack of education,  poor communication skills, physical or psychological disabilities, or illegal aliens  trying to enter the U.S. labor pool.

Some things to think about next time you visit your doctor.


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