Posted by: rocknrev | October 27, 2009

Where is that Bad Odor Coming From?

I had a good customer complain that our company was not doing a very good job of cleaning a certain cubicle in their office.  There was bad odor emanating from this cubicle that was bothering others in the office.  I remember asking the supervisor to do a check-out of the situation but he came up empty-handed.  We took the person’s waste basket and washed it.  We vacuumed the carpet as well as possible and used a good disinfectant on all the surfaces–but the bad odor would not go away.  Was this body odor from the person working in that area?  Was it malodor (read “farts”) coming from the person?  We even took a small carpet extractor and cleaned the carpet but still the odor would not go away.

I spend most of my time at a computer.  Most of my customers are accustomed to firing me an email and getting an immediate response.  But, sometimes you gotta get out of your chair and play the role of CSI.  I mean, the odor has to be coming from somewhere.  Fortunately the day I visited this office, the person whop occupied that cubicle was out of the office so I was able to do my investigation unimpeded.  I got down on my belly smelling the carpet (wonderful job, eh?) trying to find some trace in the carpet.

I kept sniffing around and was drawn to the corner of the cubicle.  Nothing behind a file cabinet resting there so I opened the drawers and sure enough, back behind one of the drawers was a half-eaten orange that had fallen and had become wedged.   Problem solved.  You should have seen the look on the faces of the folks in the adjacent cubicles.  The office manager was happy too.  He had grown tired of all the complaints.  I sat the orange on the hood of my car back at the office and snapped a picture.  That little orange has caused a lot of ruckus and my customer was grateful I found the culprit.  Here’s that picture for your enjoyment.


Rotton Orange Found in File Drawer


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